Alpine guide - Permit

General information

Legal basis: §§ 3(1)Z 1, 4 and 13 Salzburger Bergsportführergesetz (Salzburg Mountaineering Guide Law), LGBl Nr 24/2011
An alpine guide is a person that provides his/her services in return for payment as a guide or an escort for mountain trips and for the training of people in alpine areas. Skiing tours are also regarded as mountain trips. Alpine areas are areas which require specific mountaineering knowledge and technical skills for hiking due to their objective hazards (e.g. danger of slipping and falling, loss of orientation, danger of avalanches). Classified as alpine areas are in any case glaciated areas as well as areas with an alpine difficulty level or areas where mountaineering safety equipment is used on existing or new routes.




- Proof of Austrian citizenship or proof of citizenship of an EU or EEA country
- Full legal age
- Necessary degree of reliability (judicial record or comparable record from the corresponding EU-member state or EEA country)
- Suitable state of health and fitness (medical record) - Professional qualification (alpine guide education or a comparable recognized education)
- Proof of adequate liability insurance


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.


Responsible department

Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung
Abteilung 1 Wirtschaft, Forschung und Tourismus Fachreferat 1/05 Tourismus

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