Snow boarding school - license

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Legal basis: ยงยง 15a ff Salzburger Schi- und Snowboardschulgesetz, (Salzburg Ski School and Snowboarding School Law), LGBl Nr 83/1989 as amended.

License for occupational snowboarding instruction (every instruction regarding skill and every teaching of snowboarding knowledge) independent of whether the instructions are provided as a training, a course or only occasionally (hourly).




a) Personal requirements - Citizenship of an EU or EEA country - Main residency in an EU or EEA country - Reliability (judicial record or comparable evidence from the country of main residency) - Suitable state of health for the job (official medical record or result of a sports-medical examination by the Austrian Institute for Sports Medicine or a comparable institution of an EU or EEA country) - Professional qualification and sufficient professional experience (diploma - snowboarding instructor, skiing-guide examination within the realms of the alpine guide training, business-qualification examination, further education or a course recognised as equivalent by the Regional Government of Land Salzburg) b) Practical requirements - Proof of suitable meeting point (1000m2 in close proximity to an ascending-facility) - Proof of a suitable ski school office - Proof of use of a beginners training area (easily accessible by ski from the meeting point) unless it is a publically accessible beginners training area - Civil liability insurance (with coverage of at least EUR 700.000)


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

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Responsible department

Regional Government Office of Land Salzburg Department 1 Economy, Research and Tourism 1/05 Sub-Department Tourism

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