Nursing care facilities

General information

Legal basis: § 31 Salzburger Pflegegesetz (Salzburg Care Law), LGBL Nr. 26/2007 as amended.

In order to facilitate controlled quality, cost and demand management, (potential) operators of care facilities must notify the government of Land Salzburg of the intended establishment (and the following operation), considerable changes in the operation or of the target group as well as the closure of care facilities. The government of Land Salzburg may prohibit the start of operations, significant changes within the facility or the closure of operations (for a determined time-span) if the necessary requirements are not fulfilled.


The government of Land Salzburg must prohibit the intended establishment, operation or significant change within two months of the date of complete notification, if the requirements are not fulfilled. The notification of an intended closure of operation must be filed at least six months before the closure. During this period of time the operation must be fully continued, but the government of Land Salzburg can agree to an early closure, if equivalent care of the clients is guaranteed in a different facility.


1) Verification of the compliance of the project with the general and specific minimal standards for these particular care facilities according to the Salzburg Care Law (Salzburger Pflegegesetz) and the decrees issued according to § 22 of the respective law.

2) In the case of intended operation or change of operation of domestic help or domestic nursing care as well as day care centres, a written notification by the operator is necessary, committing to only concluding written contracts, complying with §§ 25 to 27 of the Salzburg Care Law (Salzburger Pflegegesetz). Moreover, the rights of the customers must be guaranteed and waivers regarding these rights must not be accepted.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

Responsible department

Regional Government Office of Land Salzburg Department 3 Social Affairs Sub-department 3/01 Social Welfare

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