Mobile phone masts - Townscape protection - Permit

General information

Legal basis: ยง 10 Salzburger Ortsbildschutzgesetz 1999 (Salzburg Townscape Protection Law), LGBl. Nr. 74/1999 as amended.
Individual permits for freestanding antenna mast installations in accordance with the Salzburg Townscape Protection Law (Salzburger Ortsbildschutzgesetz).




Site plan of the location and its surroundings including the local buildings and all views and plans that are necessary for the evaluation of the appearance of the antenna mast installation including height; excerpt of the land register and declaration of consent of the authorized party; The application must be announced according to local practice by the authorities for the duration of four weeks. Within this time limit every resident in the area can make remarks in written form in regards to the project. The statements must be discussed.
The permit may only be issued if the landscape of the town, city, streets or scenery is not disturbed by the construction. Hereby especially the height of the construction must be considered in relation to the height of the buildings in the area surrounding the construction.
The individual permit becomes invalid if the construction or alteration of the construction is not completed within three years of receipt of the decision.

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