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The report must be received by the trade authority no later than the day on which business is taken up in the new location or in an additional location.

If the holder of a trade licence fails to report the take-up of business in a new location or in an additional location within the deadline requirement of the trade authority, he/she commits an administrative offence carrying a fine of up to 2,180 Euro.

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If a place of business or an additional place of business (branch office) is relocated, this must be reported to the competent trade authority.

In addition, any relocation of the principal place of business or of the headquarters of a legal entity in Austria must be registered with the competent court. If relocation involves a change of the competent court, the currently competent court must inform the newly competent court of this change and enter this fact in the Companies Register. The newly competent court must check whether relocation has proceeded in an orderly manner and whether the company remains duly distinguishable from other companies. If this is the case, the newly competent court will enter relocation and any additional registrations in the Companies Register.

In the case of weaponry, pyrotechnics and blasting companies as well as chimney sweeps, the trade may be exercised in the new place of business only when the official letter of cognisance becomes legally effective.

Further detailed information on relocation can be found on


Non-regulated ("free") and regulated trades (including sub-trades):

  • Report: free of charge
  • Informal notice of entry in the register: free of charge


Section 46 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 (GewO 1994)


Relocation of the place of business may be reported – either with or without the use of an official form – personally, in writing or by electronic means.

An informal report shall include the following information:

  • Name and designation of company
  • Primary location or location of an additional place of business
  • New primary location or new location of an additional place of business

In certain cases the exercise of a trade in a new location may require facility permits (this is particularly true for facilities likely to constitute risks, nuisance or inconvenience).


See General Information

Zum Formular

This form will be submitted to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

Form to the Regional District Authority

Form to the Municipality of Salzburg

Zusätzliche Informationen

The Economic Chamber (→ WKO)German text will be informed by the trade authority of any relocation. No special notification is required.

Zuständige Stelle

The business authority responsible for the area of the business location:

Regional District Authority

In the city of Salzburg: the Municipal Authority, see detailed information.

Zusätzliche Information

In the city of salzburg: the Municipal Authority

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