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Legal basis: Salzburger Veranstaltungsgesetz 1997 (Salzburg Event Law), LGBl Nr 100/1997 as amended. Veranstaltungsstätten-Verordnung (Venue By-Law), LGBl Nr 10/2001 as amended.
All publically and generally accessible performances and facilities intended for the amusement and entertainment of participants are subject to the provisions of the Salzburg Event Law 1997 and the by-laws pursuant to this law. All public events not requiring a permit, must be registered with the mayor of the municipality where the event is held and in the City of Salzburg with the Federal Police Department (not applicable to events that are subject to licensing: cinema shows, revue and variety shows, travelling events using operational facilities). Excluded from the registration are events under the terms of § 12(2) Salzburg Event Law (Salzburger Veranstaltungsgesetz 1997).
Under certain conditions or in the case of the absence of the required licenses and permits, the holding of the intended event must be prohibited in accordance to § 14 Salzburg Event Law (Salzburger Veranstaltungsgesetz 1997).


Submission of the registration in due time, but at the latest three days before the intended event.


The operator must submit the registration of the event in written form to the responsible authority in due time, but at the latest three days before the intended event.
The registration must contain:
a) name, date of birth, citizenship, place of residence and occupation of the operator, in the case of legal entities or associations, of their general manger or leaseholder;
b) the type of event;
c) place and duration of the event;
d) the expected number of visitors;
e) in the case of an event held in a venue which is subject to approval, the quotation of the approving authority including date and reference number of the notice of approval.
The mayor / federal police department must issue a confirmation of the registration immediately.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

Responsible department

The particular municipality where the intended event shall be held.
City of Salzburg: Bundespolizeidirektion Salzburg Versammlungs-, Vereins-, Veranstaltungsreferat und Waffenreferat
Tel. 0662-6383-5140   

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