Natural health promoting resources - Permit for usage

General information

Legal basis: § 6 Salzburger Heilvorkommen- und Kurortegesetz – HKG 1997 (Salzburg Natural Health Promoting Resources and Spa Law), LGBl Nr 101/1997 as amended.
The usage of natural health promoting resources requires approval through a permit issued by the Government of Land Salzburg. The permit procedures must be initiated through an application by the owner or beneficiary of the natural health promoting resources. In the notification of permission, conditions and constraints must be stipulated according to balneological scientific knowledge. Within the realms of the preliminary investigation, oral proceedings may be conducted directly on the premises. Furthermore an experts´ report must be obtained.




• Proof of ownership or right of use of the natural  health promoting resources
• Acknowledgement as a natural health promoting resource (mineral spring, healing peloid or other natural health promoting resource) – by decision of the Government of Land Salzburg
• Proof of hygienically an technically flawless collection of the healing spring or of hygienically and technically flawless gathering and processing of the products of the natural health promoting resources – to be proved by a written experts´ report (no older than 1 year).
• When bound to a localized utilization of natural health promoting resources with ingredients of volatile or easily changeable nature, which are relevant for the healing effects: the guarantee that the natural health promoting resource contains the minimum of effective ingredients at the location of utilization – to be proved by a written experts´ report (no older than 1 year).
• An extraction of unwanted water ingredients may only be carried out as far as the significant characteristics for the healing effects are not altered through this process.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

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