Storage yards and parking lots - Alterations - Nature conservation authority permit

General information

Legal basis: § 25 Abs.1 lit.c NSchG (Nature conservation Law)
The Salzburg Nature Conservation Law serves the protection and care of the native natural environment and the cultural landscape shaped by human hand. Intrusions into nature are subject to obligatory permits by the nature conservation authority, under the terms of § 25 Salzburg Nature Conservation Law (Salzburger Naturschutzgesetz). Insofar the provisions of the Nature Conservation Law are applicable in the realisation of a project, it must be considered in the planning and execution of projects, that any adverse effects on the natural environment must be avoided and if this is not possible, that unavoidable adverse effects on the natural environment must in any case be reduced to a minimum and counterbalanced by other measures.


According to § 73 Abs. 1 AVG (General Law on Administrative Procedure) a decision must be issued at the latest within 6 Months after submitting the application.


Land zoning or zoning as “traffic area” according to land use regulations or proof of a stipulation in a corresponding zoning-plan draft of the responsible municipality.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.
Form to the Bezirkshauptmannschaft (Regional District Authority)
Form to the Magistrat Salzburg (Municipality of Salzburg)

Responsible department

Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde (District Authority)

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