Announcement installations – Nature conservation

General information

Legal basis: §§ 26(1) lit.c, 26(3), 26(4) and 48, 49 and 50 NSchG (Nature Conservation Law).
The Salzburg Nature Conservation Law serves the protection and care of the native natural environment and the cultural landscape shaped by human hand. Certain intrusions into nature are subject to obligatory notification under the terms of § 26 Salzburg Nature Conservation Law (Salzburger Naturschutzgesetz).


Prohibition must be issued within three months from the completed submission of the notification;
a one-time extension for the duration of three months is possible.


Written consent by the land owner or an authorized person.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.

Form to the Regional District Authority

Form to the Municipality of Salzburg

Responsible department

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