Announcements for advertising purposes - Townscape protection

General information

Legal basis: §§ 4, 5, 34(2) Ortsbildschutzgesetz 1999 (Townscape Protection Law), LGBl. Nr. 74/1999 as amended
Private announcements for advertising purposes (company signs, sign panels etc.), which appear in the townscape and their non-trivial alterations, must be notified to the authorities – independent of whether the advertisement shall be installed on private grounds (e.g. one’s own house or piece of land) or on public grounds.
Locally common announcements of events with predominantly local relevance (such as festivities, lectures, balls, smaller sports events, fairs and similar) may already be displayed at the time of notification.




The responsibility for submission of the notification lies with the person who directs the installation.
The notification must include:
Plans (plans of the façade, front and side view…) with the description of the intended announcement: plans, location, size, type, content, form, colours, material, duration of announcement; notice of consent of the authorized person (informal).
The applicant may demand a written confirmation that a prohibition has not been pronounced, as well as the effective date of the permit-commencement (in the case of announcements of events with predominantly local relevance the submission of the placards and the exact description of the announcement locations is sufficient). If the authorities issue consent or if they do not prohibit the announcement within a time period of two months after the receipt of the completed notification by the authorities, the applicant is allowed to display the announcement. Duration of the authorization: for the desired time-span, for a maximum of 5 years Possibility for extension – on application

More information

In the City of Salzburg: Municipality of Salzburg

Responsible department

Municipality (building Authority of First Instance)
In the City of Salzburg: Municipality of Salzburg, see detailed information

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