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General information

Legal basis: Salzburger Veranstaltungsgesetz 1997 (Salzburg Event Law), LGBl Nr 100/1997 as amended, Veranstaltungsstätten-Verordnung (Venue By-Law), LGBl Nr 10/2001 as amended.
All publically and generally accessible performances and facilities intended for the amusement and entertainment of participants are subject to the provisions of the Salzburg Event Law 1997 and the by-laws pursuant to this law. Events may only be held at venues, licensed by the authorities according to the regulations mentioned above for the respective type of event.


Punctual filing of the application for the license.


The authorized person for the venue must submit a license application, filing plans and other documents necessary for the assessment of the venue in regards to the consideration of public interest provided for in the regulations mentioned above.
Venues may only be licensed if they guarantee – concerning location, organization and facilities in regards to building, fire, safety and health regulations - the prevention of the following hazards within the scope of the intended event and the expected number of visitors:
Life and health hazards for people and visitors in particular, as well as danger and unacceptable impact on the surrounding area, especially through noise, dust, exhaust fumes or waste-water. Insofar as building regulations are not applicable anyway, a technically and hygienically flawless waste-water disposal as well as sufficient parking spaces for the expected number of event visitor´s vehicles in close proximity to the venue must be ensured.


This form will be submitted directly to the responsible authority, and will not be sent via the single point of contact.
Form to the Bezirkshauptmannschaft (District Authority) Form to the Magistrat Salzburg (Municipality of Salzburg) To the Gemeinde (municipality)

More information

In the city of Salzburg: Magistrat Salzburg (Municipality of Salzburg)

Responsible department

For events of local relevance, the mayor of the municipality in which the event is held, is responsible within the realms of the local administration.
For all other events the respective district authority is responsible.
In the city of Salzburg: the Municipality of Salzburg, see detailed information.

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