Announcement installations - Townscape protection - Permit

General information

Legal basis: §§ 6, 15(4) Salzburger Ortsbildschutzgesetz 1999 (Salzburg Townscape Protection Law), LGBl. Nr. 74/1999 as amended.
The installation and non-trivial alteration of facilities suitable for the display of changeable announcements (billboards, advertising pillars, multi-advertising stands and similar) is subject to approval – independent of whether the advertisement shall be mounted or installed on private grounds (e.g. one´s own house or piece of land) or on public grounds.




The responsibility for the submission of the application lies with the person who directs the installation of the announcement system (or applies for rededication of physical structures or other facilities or parts of them for such purposes).
The application must include:
Plans with description of the intended announcement: location, size, type, content, form, colours, material, duration of announcement. The permit must be issued if the overall townscape appearance is neither disturbed nor disfigured by the announcement installation, with consideration of the announcements to be displayed on it (proceedings, expert´s report …). If hereby the protected townscape or cityscape is disturbed or its perceivability significantly reduced, the installation must be prohibited by the authorities. To ensure this requirement, the permit can also be issued with constraints.
Duration of the permit: for the desired duration, for a maximum of 5 years Possibility for extension – on application

More information

In the City of Salzburg: Municipality of Salzburg

Responsible department


In the City of Salzburg: Magistrat Salzburg (Municipality of Salzburg), see detailed information

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